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In this article, we want to address the issue of microblading vs. micro-shading. This topic includes the differences and similarities between these two beauty treatments. Microblading vs. micro-shading are two very common and semi-permanent treatments that are very popular among women. They are looking to choose a more reliable and lasting option for themselves and be satisfied with the result of these treatments.

There is a set of tips that will help you recognize the differences between microblading vs. micro-shading. Let’s mention. If you pay attention to each case, we guarantee that you can easily make the right decision and do not damage your skin and eyebrows.

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As far as ladies’ beauty is concerned, facial beauty plays an absolutely central part. Thus, women take whatever step needed to retain their facial glow so nowadays new methods have emerged through which the female members of the society have the possibility of benefiting from more lasting and less time-consuming cosmetic treatments with the least harm and the fewest side effects on their skin health.

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Microblading vs. Microshading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Microblading vs. Microshading | 11 1 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

Our eyebrows have a great role in the attractiveness of our face and this issue is acceptable all over the world. Therefore, having suitable eyebrows with a completely natural appearance is a point that must be observed to have attractiveness and beauty. One of the solutions to achieve the desired result is microblading vs. micro-shining So we have to make a correct comparison of microblading vs. micro-dishing because many clients do not know which method is suitable for their eyebrows and whether they will achieve the desired result or not. The purpose of our article is to make this path easier for you dear ones.

The upsides and downsides of Microblading vs. Microshading

Both methods are a semi-permanent cosmetic process, but the end result of each is different in appearance. At the end of the micro-shading process, you will get the same result as the powdered eyebrow method. It gives great look to your eyebrows. As a result, when it comes to microblading vs. micro-shading, the end result of the first method is full eyebrows. If you are looking for great full eyebrows, micro-shading is the best option for you, and if you are looking for a good shape for your eyebrows, microblading is your solution.

Microblading vs. Microshading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Microblading vs. Microshading | 9 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

Though as far as the negative aspects are concerned, we must be aware of the fact that neither of these procedures are under insurance coverage which means you are charged the full price. Moreover, another vital point to mention particularly for those having a very low pain threshold is that both procedures cause pain and discomfort. Here’s a tip for the candidates. You can apply some local anesthetic such as Lidocaine all over the area so that the skin will be numb and less pain will be sensed.

The differences between the two procedures

As we are focusing on Microblading vs. Microshading , one of the most noteworthy differences between them is how they are done. Let’s first describe the process in Microshading through which a handheld tool is used in order to place pin-like dots over the brows area on the skin to achieve a powdered look and filled-out shape in eyebrows. However, in Microblading still there is a handheld tool consisting of tiny blades in order to apply pigmentation underneath the skin (which makes it more durable) in hair-like strokes that give the brows a much more natural look. Thus, their results differ as well.

Who are the right candidates for each procedure

As Microshading is a more superficial process, it more fits those with oily and sensitive skin. So if you are a lady who must frequently apply a variety of skin care products to keep the skin oil balanced and face some sorts of sensitivity, you are advised to undergo Microshading. On the other hand, choose Microblading in case you are a candidate for semi-permanent cosmetic treatment with dry skin. Otherwise, your skin will suffer from some side effects.

Microblading vs. Microshading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Microblading vs. Microshading | 10 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

The price

Microblading vs. Microshading will present you with roughly similar pricings ranging from approximately $500 – $2000 for Microblading and $750 – $2000 for Microshading depending on where you are offered the service. Therefore, in terms of cost you have to spend similarly on either one.

WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS; Microblading vs. Microshading

In the treatment of micro-shading, you should note that for less pain during the process, an anesthetic cream is used. After a while, the effect of this cream disappears and after that, you may feel a little pain, so you can use painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen to reduce pain. After the procedure, your skin may become slightly irritated, which is inevitable. These symptoms include swelling or itching or redness. Again, along with all these cases, micro-shading is one of the best and safest beauty methods in the world and has its own popularity.

Microblading vs. Microshading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Microblading vs. Microshading | 12 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

In the other hand microblading, can cause more serious skin infections if left untreated. If you experience problems such as yellow swelling, be sure to see your doctor to prevent further problems.
There are a number of skin care products that you should avoid before doing microblading. These products include:

  • Retinol
  • Acid
  • Fragrance
  • Mechanical exfoliation
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion

To have a great experience before and after this cosmetic process, it is recommended that you take the necessary precautions along with doing enough research. We hope that by reading this text, which focuses on microblading vs. micro-shading, our audience will become more aware of this issue.


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