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Microshading eyebrows

Over the years, different eyebrow trends have become popular. Today, the appearance of soft, arched, and naturally filled eyebrows is one of the most popular trends among women. If you have heard the name of the microblading technique, you should know that Microshading eyebrows are also a member of the same family that creates a soft look for the eyebrows. This technique leads to eyebrow strengthening and creating well-defined eyebrows. Microshading eyebrows are one of the latest semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. In the following, you can read how microshading is done and whether this treatment suits you.

The Microshading eyebrows technique | Everything to know | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Microshading eyebrows | microshading eyebrows | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

What are microshading eyebrows?

Microshading Newmarket is a procedure where the technician uses semi-permanent makeup techniques on your eyebrows. This treatment is considered a type of tattoo. The technician creates small dots on the eyebrow with special pigment ink and a hand tool to fill in the empty areas. This technique gives your eyebrows a special shape and uses the effect of eyebrow powdering. The result of using this technique is creating full eyebrows.

What’s a microshading eyebrows procedure like?

Usually, the microshading process is done as follows:

Step 1 – initial consultation

At this stage, clients should share their initial expectations with the microshading artist and tell her exactly what kind of look they want. You can also ask your artist any questions you have about this method. They will explain the process to you and give you instructions for aftercare. The technicians give you their expert opinion on the best shape and color. It is better to consider their advice because they know very well what colors are suitable for your skin.

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Tip: You can schedule your initial consultation session separately from the treatment process. You can also ask the artist to do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the pigments and products used.

Step 2 – Anesthetize

At this stage, the artist cleans the eyebrows and uses numbing cream for that area. This cream can reduce the pain you may feel during the treatment. Anesthetic creams usually take 15 to 20 minutes to take effect.

Step 3 – Mapping

At the same time as the anesthesia takes effect, the artist measures the area of the eyebrows with the help of special tools and draws the outline of the eyebrows you are going to have.

Tip: Some artists draw the outline first and then use numbing-cream, this varies based on the preference of each artist.

Step 4- Tattoo

When the numbing cream has worked and you are satisfied with the overall plan, the main process begins. The artist implements the technique on your eyebrows with the help of an electric device or a hand tool. This process can take up to 2 hours.

Step 5 – Cleaning

The artist has cleaned your eyebrows and now your eyebrows are microshading. At this stage, you will be prescribed a special ointment that you should use in your post-treatment care routine.

Step 6 – Touch up

In order for the color of your eyebrows to be more uniform and to increase its durability, you should apply for a top-up session 6 to 8 weeks after the recovery period. The touch-up session is similar to the initial session, but generally less work is done because the artist only fills in the areas that have faded.

What’s a microshading eyebrows procedure like?

How long does microshading eyebrows last?

Microshading usually lasts longer than microblading. If it is properly cared for, it can last up to 3 years. In the first few days after the treatment, you may feel that you have full-colored eyebrows. Still, the color of your eyebrows will gradually fade, and you will have softer and more beautiful eyebrows as you recover. Our advice is to go for a touch-up session every 8 to 12 months, especially if you have oily skin, because the color may fade faster. If you want to prolong the results of microshading for yourself, you should stay out of the sun and avoid harsh chemicals on your face.

How long does microshading eyebrows last?

Does microshading hurt?

You can expect to feel some discomfort during treatment. This discomfort is more than the pain of waxing, but less than the pain of old tattoos. As we said in the previous parts, your artist will use a numbing cream for your eyebrows before starting the process. Your eyebrows may be a little sore when the numbing cream wears off. You can use painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to prevent or stop inflammation.

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Does microshading hurt?

How long does microshading eyebrows healing last?

It takes 6 to 8 weeks for your eyebrows to heal. This is when the tissue under the skin’s surface is recovering, so you cannot go for a touch-up session during this time. Usually, improvement of superficial symptoms will be done much sooner. Your eyebrows go through different stages during recovery, which may be a little tiring for you.

  • Day 1-2: Your eyebrows are darker than normal at this time.
  • Day 3-7: During these days, your eyebrows will become flaky; it is better not to touch them.
  • Days 7 to 14: From the 7th day onwards, the peels start to peel off; you may be among the people who go through 2 peeling cycles; in any case, it is better not to pick the peels.
  • Day 14 onwards: If the exfoliation process is over now, it means that your skin surface has improved. But if it still flakes, it is better to follow the rules of care until this process stops.

The pigments may look very pale after peeling, but don’t worry; they will darken in the next few days.

How do I prepare for the treatment?

There are a few steps you should take to prepare for treatment:

  • Avoid sunbathing and tanning for 2 weeks. Tanned skin is more sensitive.
  • If you use retinol or vitamin A products, stop one month before treatment. These cases lead to thinning of the skin, thus increasing bleeding.
  • Do not use alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, aspirin, and fish oil supplements at least 24 hours before the treatment session.
  • Do not wax your eyebrows for at least a week before the treatment.
  • Do not do any kind of facial for at least two weeks before the treatment.
  • If you are using blood thinners, it is better to consult your doctor and see if it is safe to stop them for a few weeks.

Microshading eyebrows – Main takeaway

Microshading is a popular and famous semi-permanent makeup technique. This treatment has many advantages, the most important of which can be mentioned, including saving your time for your daily routine. Eyebrows that have become beautiful with the help of techniques are the result of this technique. In addition, this technique will increase your self-confidence because you will have semi-permanently improved eyebrows.

Before making a decision, it is better to do the required checks on different salons and look for quality services at a reasonable cost. If you want to get to know our services, you can contact our experts or get information through our website.

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