How Long Does Microblading Last ?

How long does microblading last?

Microblading is a beautiful method that inserts special pigments under your skin using a special needle to give you completely beautiful and natural eyebrows. Usually, depending on the skin type of each person and lifestyle and the number of times a person has had a repair, the results of microblading can last between eighteen and thirty months. Are you looking for how long the results of this method will remain for you? For more details about microblading last, stay with us until the end of this article.

As mentioned in the first article, microblading last between eighteen and thirty months. Generally, you need repair sessions once or twice a year. After a while, the pigments of this method will start to fade, so you should consult your specialist to know the repair program. Microblading repair sessions are similar to your hair root repair sessions. If this is the first time your eyebrows are starting to fade, you can simply repair the color of your eyebrows during the repair session.



Dry Skin vs Oily Skin Considerations

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One of the most important things that determines how long your microblading lasts is your skin type. Those with normal to dry skin are the best candidates for microblading. In fact, in terms of beauty, the microblading method gives the best results for normal to dry skin. However, this method is not recommended for oily skin or skin that is thin and sensitive. People with oily skin can do this method, but they should keep in mind that they should manage their expectations of microblading last.

Oily skin is usually due to excess fat and regular cell rotation reduces the effect of microblading. Oily skin is usually thin and therefore requires a gentler approach. However, for any type of eyebrow, the result of microblading can be excellent, but their shelf life is different. As a result, we tell all our customers that their expectations should be commensurate with their skin type.

But some people should always avoid this method. People with skin diseases can’t do this method. For example, if you have diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, you can’t do microblading because this condition can greatly affect the condition of your skin and make it unsuitable for semi-permanent makeup. Also, if you are one of the people who have undergone chemotherapy, you must leave it for at least six months to be able to do microblading.


How to Make Microblading Last Longer?

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Microblading is a semi-permanent beauty method for your eyebrows and is designed to last only a few years. But there are things you can do to increase the durability of microblading. The key and initial point is to pass the recovery stage. If you can successfully pass this stage, it is very easy to continue. Use SPF to protect your eyebrows from sunlight on a daily basis. Avoid hard peels or chemical and laser treatments in this area to prevent further fading.

The success of microblading treatment and the shelf life of the result depends on how you treat your eyebrows during and after the healing process. You can protect your microblade eyebrows with your skin care routine and increase the microblading last. When you protect your eyebrows, you ensure that the pigment settles properly and your skin heals without any side effects. If the skin is not treated well during healing, a large amount of pigment may be lost. Therefore, if you do not follow the skin care instructions, you may lose the microblading result. Microblading is generally very suitable for people with normal to dry skin. For these people, the microblading last is usually 18 months

But for people with oily skin, the duration of microblading will be less. In fact, oily skin can reduce the duration of microblading a lot There is a short shelf life for people whose skin also has large pores. However, keep in mind that there is no advice not to do microblading for these people. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that these people need more repair sessions.

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Excessive Sweating or Swimming

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Sweating is very natural when you are exercising or you live in hot weather. As you know, sweat comes out of the pores of your skin. Since sweat also comes out around the eyebrows, it can remove a small amount of pigmen. As a result, microblading disappears sooner. Another factor to keep in mind is that the amount of salt in sweat can dry out the pigments and speed up their disappearance.

For physical activities such as swimming, know that the chemicals in swimming pools cause a chemical reaction that can lead to faster fading of microblading pigments or discoloration.

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Other effective cases

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Sunlight affects human skin in different ways. As you know, sunlight has a strong energy. It produces a chemical reaction when pigments are exposed to it. As a result, the pigments can fade faster than you think. As mentioned above, if you decide to do microblading, you should consider that you should follow special skin care. Some ingredients in skin care products can affect the microblading last and reduce it. Substances such as retinol and acids can accelerate the loss of pigment. For this reason, the eyebrow area should not be peeled in any way.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of pigment your specialist uses. The better the pigment, the longer your microblading last. In general, depending on the price of the treatment you choose, you can find out what quality the pigments are. Specialists who charge more often use better quality equipment.

The microblading last is partly related to your specialist and the material she uses. You should know that before choosing a microblading center, you should do the necessary research and be aware of the methods and materials of each specialist. In addition to these, your care can complement the above. After the recovery period, which is an important period, your care and the products you use must be accompanied by care and attention.

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