What should you expect from microblading after two weeks ?

What should you expect from microblading after two weeks | Canada makeup

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of the face, one of which is microblading. This method has been popular among women for many years and has many fans. The recovery period is one of the disadvantages. Some people who choose this method for their beauty consider the recovery period to be very important but do not pay enough attention to it. Usually, these people are worried about the appearance of their eyebrows during the restoration session, and in the first weeks, one of their concerns is whether their eyebrow changes are normal or not. As a result, one of the most important questions for clients of this method is that after a week What should the microblading appearance look like?

So, all the possible outcomes of microblading after two weeks are below. When it comes to defining normal and abnormal behavior, we will discuss what to do in various situations.

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Possible Scenarios of microblading after two weeks

microblading after 2 weeks

Most common: Overly dark or light eyebrows

After the procedure, you might expect the following changes to occur in your eyebrows:

  • After 2-3 days eyebrows are too dark.
  • Stage of scabbing — scabs form, and the eyebrows begin to peel. Pigment dissolves the scabs.
  • Two weeks after the treatment, the patient is at the “ghosting stage.” Your brows are too light, and it appears that all of the colors have faded away.

The scabbing process has concluded. Eyebrows aren’t as dark as they were just after the treatment, even after all the peeling is done. And it’s perfectly normal. The scabs remove some pigment from the skin, but the pigment that stays in the skin continues to oxidize, so the color will eventually return.

Wait and see what happens. Once your brows have fully recovered, which should be roughly six weeks after your procedure, you can make an informed decision about their appearance.

After a Week, My Eyebrows Still Peel

If we want to explain about the microblading process, we must say that after 10 days, the scaling stage begins. This stage probably lasts about 3 to 5 days and ends by the fourteenth day. Of course, it goes without saying that the skin type and the type of care you take has a big impact on the duration of the peeling process. Note that if your eyebrows become flaky again after 14 days, raise this issue with your microblading specialist and find out the reason.


Eyebrows are very patchy

eyebrows are very patchy

You may feel that your eyebrows are a little rough and asymmetrical after the scaling process is over, but do not worry about this because this is completely normal after two weeks of the microblading process but after a while you can use a repair session. We fully understand that this may be uncomfortable for you, but note that after 6 to 8 weeks you are allowed to make a repair session.

Let the touch-up process take its time. If the patches are too obvious, you can now cover them with cosmetics.

Unevenness in the eyebrows

Another thing that can happen with microblading after two weeks is that your eyebrows are not healed evenly.  Depending on lighting conditions, one of them may appear paler than the other. There are various potential causes and reasons for this, including the manner in which you sleep.

The best course of action is to hold off on having them touched up until they’ve fully healed so that the artist can add additional pigment if necessary to ensure an even appearance.

Microblading has vanished from the face of the Earth

Another possible thing that can happen in terms of microblading after two weeks is this.  The eyebrows have vanished totally and are unlikely to reappear. There could be a variety of significantly different factors at play here:

  • You ruined the outcomes because you didn’t follow the aftercare recommendations.
  • You were the one who picked at the scabs, and your actions impacted the outcome.
  • When a tattoo artist doesn’t microblade deep enough, the tattoo doesn’t last as long as it should.
  • Customers with oily skin are not ideal candidates for microblading since the retention may be poor. 
  • There are certain people whose skin won’t accept microblading pigment. This is extremely rare, but may happen for some individuals.
  • Identify the underlying cause and attempt to fix it during the touch-up, or find another artist.

Eyebrows Look Really Good 

Eyebrows of some people may look really good with microblading after two weeks. In this ideal situation, you wouldn’t even need to touch up your brows!

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What does it look like microblading after a week?

After a week, you are allowed to let water drip into your brows on the second day of the first week, but only softly. Scabs will begin to come out, resulting in uneven brows; this is entirely normal! It takes around three days for all of the scabs to fall off. During this sensitive period, take good care of your skin. No plucking! Let the scabs fall spontaneously! To ensure that your brows heal quickly and beautifully, keep the region as clean and nourished as possible.

Microblading after a week, can I drink coffee or alcohol?

Microblading after a week can i drink coffee or alchohol?

Don’t drink alcohol or eat excessive caffeine for 48 hours since they might thin your blood and induce pigment loss, and it is recommended not to continue using blood thinner drugs for at least 48 hours after discontinuing them. Also, consuming alcohol is not advised for 2-3 days before semi-permanent makeup operations. Blood thinning can have the same effect as any blood-thinning medicine. It might be to blame for pigment migration under the skin and severe bleeding during therapy.

Can I wear makeup after a week of microblading?

No, you can’t, you must wait at least 10 days before applying makeup to your brows. Remember that microblading produces tiny cuts in the skin. Allow your skin to recover so that the pigment can settle into the skin. Makeup may contaminate the cuts, producing an infection.

Can I fill in my eyebrow microblading after a week?

In Microblading after a week, you cannot do this in the first week. You must wait until the third week, after which your skin will be healed and you will be able to fill in your brows. You must wait at least 6-8 weeks for the microblading touch-up so that the entire color may come to the surface while also maintaining the skin’s integrity.

Can I sleep on my side or stomach with microblading after a week?

sleep on my side or stomach with microblading after a week?

You will be granted brow ointment and wipes at the end of your session. Your brows will also be wrapped with clear bandages. (If you tend to lie on your side or stomach, request a few more from your artist so you don’t sleep on them.) Sleeping with your face pressed against your pillow may interfere with the healing process after you’ve had your microblading in Toronto done. To compel yourself to sleep on your back, use an airplane neck pillow. It is advised not to sleep on your face or side for the first two weeks.

Microblading After 2 Weeks- Aftercare

After two weeks, you can start your daily life. Now you can freely wash your face and eyebrows as before and easily. Use retinol and oil-based products. But when you want to be exposed to sunlight, use sunscreen. Try not to be exposed to too much sunlight.

Can I wash the eyebrows 14 days after microblading?

washin microblading after 14 days

From day 2, you can gently wash your brows without soaking them in water. You should also wipe your brows the first day after microblading to eliminate any lymph accumulation.
Some recommendations are that you do not wash your brows after the treatment. This, however, is not the truth. You risk having an infection and excessive scabbing that will rip out the pigment if you don’t cleanse your brows. So, sure, you should wash them, but not by washing them with water while washing your face.

How do I clean my brows after microblading?

As previously said, you can lightly wash your brows on the second day of microblading after a week. Utilize your clean fingertips as well as mild antibacterial soap, such as Cetaphil, to lightly wash your brows for 10-15 seconds at the start and end of each day. Exfoliants and acids in cleaning products should be avoided (glycolic, lactic, ). Keep in mind that the cleansing should not be a thorough scrub-down, but rather a delicate, smooth rubbing of the microbladed area. Apply a tiny quantity of the microblading  in Toronto aftercare ointment to the microbladed area with a clean finger. Do not use the ointment unless the affected area is completely dry.

what does scab microblading after 14 days?

scab microblading eyebrows

The scabbing stage of microblading begins 3-4 days following the procedure. It lasts around 7 days and should be over by day 14 or so. Here’s an overview of the first 14 days of microblading scabbing. It is individual, and your experience may differ.

Days 1-3

Your brows appear black and puffy.
Around the brows, there is some redness. Don’t worry, the color will fade little.

Day 3-4

The microblading scabbing procedure begins. The brows may get irritated.

Day 5

Scabs begin to flake off.
Your brows are starting to seem spotty.
Some of your brows are too light, while others are still dark.

Days 6-8

More flaking and patching.
At this point, the pigment in the brows is fading.

Day 9

The most of the scabs have dropped off. The pigments beneath appear too light.

Day 10-14

Scabbing has ceased.
The brows in microblading after 14 days appear too light. Pigment appears to have vanished.

Does microblading fade after 14 days?

fading microblading eyebrows

If the pigment has totally disappeared microblading after 14 days, this is typical. It is also conceivable that your microblading artist did not cut the wounds deeply enough. For the pigment to stay deep and endure, the artist must cut into the dermal-epidermal junction. If the cut just reaches the superficial epidermal layer, your body will eventually drive the pigment out completely as it heals.
When the pigment is implanted far enough into the skin, it heals over it rather than evicting it. If your microblading artist has achieved a thick enough layer, you should hear a “tearing” sound in the skin. Because the region is numb beforehand, there is normally some discomfort, but not much. If you find pigment in the healing scabs, it means the pigment is being pushed out and was not applied deeply enough. It will be completely gone after 14 days.

It’s so important if you want Avoid issues like these to choose a reputable and well-trained Microbaldingartist and enjoy your appealing super natural eyebrows.

Can I exercise 14 days after microblading?

Exercise should be avoided for microblading after 14 days. This is the time required for the incisions to close. You can come upon contradictory facts. Some artists recommend 7 days, while others suggest you may do a light activity the next day. This is dangerous. You can get away with it and your PMU will remain unharmed, but since you recently spent a considerable fee for the therapy, you don’t want your money to be wasted.

Exercising before 14 days may have an impact on the quality and duration of your microblading effects. It would be useful to postpone outdoor activities for a few more weeks – you don’t really want to expose your brows to sunshine too soon. Alternatively, look for a sweat-proof sunscreen that will stay on your brows even if you’re sweating.

What factors prevent microblading faded after two weeks?

Because of the healing process, you will not be able to notice microblading Toronto after two weeks. Keep in mind that the technique involves making small wounds in the skin. These wounds will gradually heal and may create scabs. Scabs can conceal the microblading outcome. When the scabbing is finished and the normal skin cells change over, you’ll be able to see more of the microblading procedure’s outcomes. Flaking off is also a normal occurrence. Resist the impulse to rip it off at all costs, since the wounds may recur. This might have an impact on the healing process.

microblading faded after 2 weeks! What happened?

Microblading faded after two weeks

Microblading forms and defines your eyebrows. However, some people report that their microblading faded after two weeks! What happened?
It can be disappointing to notice that the microblading faded after two weeks, almost immediately. It’s supposed to last up to two years before fading! You shouldn’t be worried because, in most cases, the fading is just temporary and you’ll see the effects again soon.
There are several reasons why your microbladed eyebrows can fade after two weeks. In certain circumstances, the fading is just temporary, and the results reappear. Some people, however, experience irreversible fading shortly after the procedure.

Why does microblading faded after two weeks?

The microblading faded after two weeks and shouldn’t be used for a short period of time. However, if it isn’t returning, there might be other causes for this. Each of the following might be the case:


One of the most prevalent causes of fading microblading Toronto is that the microblading artist only performed deep incisions. Make the incisions at the intersection of the skin and epidermal layers. Because the body can quickly push pigment out of superficial incisions, it may result in a rapid loss of color. During the microblading operation, you should be able to hear your skin ripping. This will indicate that the wounds were sufficiently deep.

An infection

An infection might also interfere with the microblading faded after two weeks and the healing process. The pigment is much more likely to be pushed out when you have an infection. In most cases, infections may be avoided, especially if they are minor. Preventing them also keeps them from interfering with the healing process. Similarly, allergies, like infections, might cause your body to reject the pigments. Avoid this by addressing any allergies you’ve had before to the operation.

Using the incorrect pigment

Using an inappropriate pigment might also cause your microblading to fade after two weeks. It might possibly have faded, as if the colors had changed to a lighter tint. This may give you the impression that the process was not as successful as it should be.

Inadequate Aftercare

Following the process, your microblading artist will provide you with a list of things to do to properly care for your brows. To get the most benefit from the process, it is essential that you follow the care instructions.

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Follow these tips for faster recovery 

Canada permanent makeup

One of the important points after the microblading process is that your eyebrows may look darker than your desired color up to a week after the process. Also, scaling and repair session can make the eyebrows darker, but do not worry at the end of the process. Improvement You will see your desired color. Among the common reactions that occur after microblading is redness or slight swelling, so if you encounter these reactions, do not worry because these cases are completely normal for everyone.

As part of their post-treatment advice, estheticians may include:

  • Patting the eyebrows dry after using antibacterial soap and water for about 10 seconds, then rinsing and drying.
  • The moisturizing ointment can be applied with a small amount.
  • Not showering or swimming for 7–10 days, including keeping the brows out of water.
  • Avoid applying makeup to the brow area during the healing process to keep it as free of makeup as possible.
  • Not going to pick at my scabs.
  • For at least four weeks after the treatment, avoid exposure to the sun or tanning beds.
  • Avoid using face washes or peels for at least four weeks after the operation.
  • After the surgery, you should avoid sleeping with your face facing the ceiling for at least ten days. 

Ask your doctor if you need additional advice.


The first two weeks following a microblading procedure are critical to the treatment’s outcome. Emotionally draining, it can be difficult to wait for the final outcome. Nevertheless, be prepared for what to expect, and ideally, you will not face any major issues with microblading after two weeks. Keep in mind that only a small group of people may face one of these issues and all of them are treatable.  should you need more counseling on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us and share your experiences or ask for some advice or recommendations.
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How long does the microblading process take?

Before we talk about microblading after 2 weeks let’s talk about microblading process time. Microblading is a two-stage process that is performed with an interval of 45 to 60 days, and completing both stages is very important.

Step 1:

The initial stage usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. During this time, you can get advice from a specialist. In this consultation, a basic color and design will be considered for you. The goal of microblading artists is to create more symmetry, but you should know that people’s faces are not symmetrical and this is normal. After you have chosen your initial color and design, microblading pigments are applied with a hand tool.

The final result depends on the amount of pigment applied and the healing process. In fact, the treatment process of people is different and there may be cases that are effective for some people and not for others. As a result, the second stage becomes important. The second stage corrects any irregularity in the tone of colors and creates a proper appearance.

Step 2:

This stage is called touch-up and it takes approximately 1 and a half to 2 hours. This stage is scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after the first stage because it takes a while for the pigment to sit in the skin. It is necessary to do the touch-up step, because without it, the work of microblading will be incomplete and the results will not satisfy you. The touch-up stage gives the customer the opportunity to integrate the pigment in the skin before the finalization of the process and prevent it from fading. You should know that with the process of healing, peeling and closing the skin, the color will fade significantly in the first 30 days. The appearance of the eyebrows in the first 10 days is completely uncertain and you cannot expect the final result.

Step 3:

Sometimes, for some customers, a third visit is necessary, which is usually done 6 weeks after the second stage.

Do microblading after 2 weeks look fake?

The answer to this question is no! In Canada permanent make up, we guarantee special art makeup and soft and natural results to our customers. When permanent makeup pigments are applied to the skin, the result can be more natural than topical cosmetics.

Is microblading harmful?

We take all necessary precautions for our clients to make sure that this process is very smooth and planned. Also, for the comfort of the customers, a local anesthesia is used in the first place before starting the microblading process.

What should I do if we are not satisfied with the result of microblading?

It is true that the microblading process is considered a semi-permanent process, but you should know that these methods undergo changes such as changes in color and shape. The applied colors look darker immediately after the process, but they are soft during the healing process. And they turn on, so you have to be patient for microblading after 2 weeks. Recovery time is different for each person. Pigments introduced into the skin can be removed if needed, but our effort is to make the final result to your satisfaction.

What should I do if we are not satisfied with the result of microblading?

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