What should you expect from microblading after two weeks ?

What should you expect from microblading after two weeks | Canada makeup

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of the face, one of which is microblading. This method has been popular among women for many years and has many fans. Recovery period is one of the disadvantages. Some people who choose this method for their beauty consider the recovery period to be very important but do not pay enough attention to it. Usually, these people are worried about the appearance of their eyebrows during the restoration session, and in the first weeks, one of their concerns is whether their eyebrow changes are normal or not. As a result, one of the most important questions for clients of this method is that after a week What should the microblading appearance look like?

So, all the possible outcomes of microblading after two weeks are below. When it comes to defining normal and abnormal behavior, we will discuss what to do in various situations.

Possible Scenarios of microblading after two weeks

Possible Scenarios of microblading

Most common: Overly dark or light eyebrows

After the procedure, you might expect the following changes to occur in your eyebrows:

  • After 2-3 days eyebrows are too dark.
  • Stage of scabbing — scabs form, and the eyebrows begin to peel. Pigment dissolves the scabs.
  • Two weeks after the treatment, the patient is at the “ghosting stage.” Your brows are too light, and it appears that all of the colors have faded away.

The scabbing process has concluded. Eyebrows aren’t as dark as they were just after the treatment, even after all the peeling is done. And it’s perfectly normal. The scabs remove some pigment from the skin, but the pigment that stays in the skin continues to oxidize, so the color will eventually return.

Wait and see what happens. Once your brows have fully recovered, which should be roughly six weeks after your procedure, you can make an informed decision about their appearance.

After a Week, My Eyebrows Still Peel

If we want to explain about the microblading process, we must say that after 10 days, the scaling stage begins. This stage probably lasts about 3 to 5 days and ends by the fourteenth day. Of course, it goes without saying that the skin type and the type of care you take has a big impact on the duration of the peeling process. Note that if your eyebrows become flaky again after 14 days, raise this issue with your microblading specialist and find out the reason.


Eyebrows are very patchy

Eyebrows are very patchy

You may feel that your eyebrows are a little rough and asymmetrical after the scaling process is over, but do not worry about this because this is completely normal after two weeks of the microblading process but after a while you can use a repair session. We fully understand that this may be uncomfortable for you, but note that after 6 to 8 weeks you are allowed to make a repair session.

Let the touch-up process take its time. If the patches are too obvious, you can now cover them with cosmetics.

Unevenness in the eyebrows

Another thing that can happen with microblading after two weeks is that your eyebrows are not healed evenly.  Depending on lighting conditions, one of them may appear paler than the other. There are various potential causes and reasons for this, including the manner in which you sleep.

The best course of action is to hold off on having them touched up until they’ve fully healed so that the artist can add additional pigment if necessary to ensure an even appearance.

Microblading has vanished from the face of the Earth

Another possible thing that can happen in terms of microblading after two weeks is this.  The eyebrows have vanished totally and are unlikely to reappear. There could be a variety of significantly different factors at play here:

  • You ruined the outcomes because you didn’t follow the aftercare recommendations.
  • You were the one who picked at the scabs, and your actions impacted the outcome.
  • When a tattoo artist doesn’t microblade deep enough, the tattoo doesn’t last as long as it should.
  • Customers with oily skin are not ideal candidates for microblading since the retention may be poor. 
  • There are certain people whose skin won’t accept microblading pigment. This is extremely rare, but may happen for some individuals.
  • Identify the underlying cause and attempt to fix it during the touch-up, or find another artist.

Eyebrows Look Really Good 

Eyebrows of some people may look really good with microblading after two weeks. In this ideal situation, you wouldn’t even need to touch up your brows!

Microblading After 2 Weeks- Aftercare

After two weeks, you can start your daily life. Now you can freely wash your face and eyebrows as before and easily. Use retinol and oil-based products. But when you want to be exposed to sunlight, use sunscreen. Try not to be exposed to too much sunlight.

Follow these tips for faster recovery 

faster recovery for microblading

One of the important points after the microblading process is that your eyebrows may look darker than your desired color up to a week after the process. Also, scaling and repair session can make the eyebrows darker, but do not worry at the end of the process. Improvement You will see your desired color. Among the common reactions that occur after microblading is redness or slight swelling, so if you encounter these reactions, do not worry because these cases are completely normal for everyone.

As part of their post-treatment advice, estheticians may include:

  • Patting the eyebrows dry after using antibacterial soap and water for about 10 seconds, then rinsing and drying.
  • The moisturizing ointment can be applied with a small amount.
  • Not showering or swimming for 7–10 days, including keeping the brows out of water.
  • Avoid applying makeup to the brow area during the healing process to keep it as free of makeup as possible.
  • Not going to pick at my scabs.
  • For at least four weeks after the treatment, avoid exposure to the sun or tanning beds.
  • Avoid using face washes or peels for at least four weeks after the operation.
  • After the surgery, you should avoid sleeping with your face facing the ceiling for at least ten days. 

Ask your doctor if you need additional advice.


The first two weeks following a microblading procedure are critical to the treatment’s outcome. Emotionally draining, it can be difficult to wait for the final outcome. Nevertheless, be prepared for what to expect, and ideally, you will not face any major issues with microblading after two weeks. Keep in mind that only a small group of people may face one of these issues and all of them are treatable.  should you need more counseling on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us and share your experiences or ask for some advice or recommendations.
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