In this section, we will talk about the conditions before and after microblading. To start this beauty treatment, there are points that you should pay attention to. As you know, any medical or cosmetic procedure needs to follow the points before and after. Necessary before and after the process will make you get a better result from the process. Microblading specialists will explain the necessary things for before and after microblading to you.

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Microblading audiences are many people, each with their own characteristics, such as living conditions, age, and more. But the common denominator among these people is that they have all chosen the microblading process and should pay attention to a series of special tips. These tips prevent any damage to their eyebrows.

In this section, we want to tell you the tips before and after microblading. Let us tell you, based on research and experience gained over time, therefore, everyone should pay attention. This list is actually before and after that each person to start this method should consider that, if you choose microblading as your option, join us.

Microblading pre-care

Avoid exercising

Avoid exercising befor microblading

Avoid exercising 24 hours prior to the microblading procedure as it can rush the blood flow and since this procedure involves cuts and scratches and therefore bleeding throughout the treatment, so a workout could intensify the bleeding and cause further discomfort and inconvenience.

Stay away from solar beauty

Stay away from any kind of solar beauty procedures such as tanning, sunbathing, etc, before and after microblading . At least a week in advance to doing your microblading treatment. The reason why these are prohibited is the effect UV light leaves on the skin which makes it burnt or somewhat sensitive to the needles touch that may result in a more uncomfortable experience for the candidate.

Do not wax or pluck

If you are seeking microblading as an enhancing procedure for your brows you are seriously recommended not to wax or pluck your eyebrows a week before you undergo the treatment as it will be much better to have more natural hair grown over that area. Waxing and threading can deform the natural shape of your brows leading into unsatisfactory microbladed brows.

Another thing you are fiercely prevented from is tinting or dying the brows a week prior to microblading. As days go by, the colored brows will reverse to their natural color and if the artist used the pigment identical to your dyed brows after a while the natural hair will grow back and then the strokes and natural brows will differ in color.

Do not apply Botox

An important tip to pay special attention to is to avoid injecting Botox or fillers in the eyes, forehead and temples before and after microblading. These definitely interfere with microblading and may cause be your upset. Regarding medication avoidance, keep in mind that if you use medications such as aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen, niacin, or supplements for skin, hair, and nail care, you should avoid using it for 48 hours before microblading.

Microblading after-care

Cleanness and hygiene play

Cleanness and hygiene play an important part both before and after microblading . Following the microblading session, the candidate is supposed to keep the treated area freshly clean by applying natural and fragrance-free gel cleanser. Use of washcloth or sponges is not allowed as the skin is going to be super sensitive to rough surfaces.

Cleanness and hygiene play in microblading

Artists always prescribe a type of ointment which must be applied all over the treated area succeeding the procedure, however, what must be noted here is that the brows need to be air-dry and then the ointment has to be applied on the skin and brows gently, using freshly washed hands.

Avoid swimming pools

If you are a swimmer or you go for hydro-therapy at swimming pools or steam rooms and saunas or even you constantly take hot baths, you must say goodbye to them as a microblading candidate since all of them can lead to a fade-out in your microbladed brows. This should last up to three weeks.

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Avoid Botox

Avoid Botox in microblading

As mentioned above, one must avoid Botox for up to 4 weeks before and after microblading . The new shape of your brows will determine where the injection must be done exactly. As a result, the best time for doing the Botox injection is after the touch-up session, following the healing of brows.

Avoid physical efforts

As athletes, microblading candidates are strongly prohibited from doing any sorts of physical efforts or workouts as they cause a lot of sweating which expels the pigments from the dermis and results in pale and faded strokes. So even being in sweltering hot weather which triggers extreme sweating is not recommended.

If you are a fan of makeup and you tend to wear it daily, unfortunately you have to steer clear of any sorts of makeup and skincare products for a course of up to 2 weeks till the brows and your skin heals completely.

Last but not least, following the microblading session, make sure you pull your bangs and hair back. In other words, you need to keep your forehead clear of your fringe and there should not be any contact between your hair and the brows.

The final word

On the whole, what we perceive out of this treatment is that those who can benefit from the most satisfactory result are the ones who take the necessary measures before and after microblading. should you need more counseling on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us and share your experiences or ask for some advice or recommendations.
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