What is eyebrow Phibrows and how is it done?

Eyebrow makeup is becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry and permanent makeup. In today’s industrial life, daily eyebrow makeup is time consuming and women are looking for a permanent safe way to thicken and shape their eyebrows so that it offers the most natural results without a fake look.

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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup method for eyebrow makeup in which the pigment is applied with a micro-blade, which simulates the natural hair of different lengths and densities. Phibrows is a prefect microblading technique. This method is done manually and using disposable needles side by side to create eyebrows lamination or shadows. The main purpose of Phibrows Phibrows and Eyebrow lamination is to provide a solution and eliminate eyebrow defects with a special design and color. Eyebrow phibrows is not a permanent method and it disappears after a certain period of time, so this method can be used permanently to have natural eyebrows with a special beauty.

What is eyebrow Phibrows and how is it done?
What is eyebrow Phibrows and how is it done?

Longevity of eyebrow phibrows

The longevity of eyebrow phibrows depends on many different factors. But in normal case, it can be said that it lasts 6 months to a year because the lines created by microblading method are less deep than other methods and as a result, its durability is less. Observing the following points will increase the shelf life of eyebrow hachure up to 3 years:


     One of the most important and influential factors in the longevity of eyebrow phibrows is skin type. The more oily the skin, the less durable the hachure will be. It is best to do a facial scraping to increase the longevity of the hachure before performing phibrows and microblading.

Changes in the body’s hormones

Menstruation, pregnancy have a great impact on the longevity of eyebrows. Therefore, it is better to postpone phibrows until after this period.

The depth of work

Increasing the depth of the hachure by the artist increases its durability.

Health & Safety

Phibrows is the only microblading academy in the world that has provided medical counseling facilities for the artists of the academy at any time to increase the readiness of its artists. This level of support is not offered at any other academy. In addition, phibrows products are pre-sterilized and disposable to ensure the safety of their products!

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