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Consider waking up in the morning with eyelashes that appeared as they’ve just gone through it with a couple of curler clamps and a layer of mascara… everything before you put on any makeup. It is also conceivable, but the truth is precisely as incredible as it sounds. We’re talking about eyelash lift. This is a semi-permanent method for achieving voluminously fluttering lashes regardless of lash length.

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What is an eyelash lift?

An eyelash lift is a non-surgical, semi-permanent process that provides the look of fuller, stronger eyelashes without the use of any leave-on chemical substances or extensions. The natural eyelashes are enhanced and expanded by boosting them from the root. With this method, you won’t have to worry about blotchy mascara or unpleasant false eyelashes. You’ll also wake up with beautiful, thicker, thicker eyelashes every morning. To enhance the impression, many people get their eyelashes colored a deeper color. It’s similar to getting your eyelashes trimmed. The process should be quick and painless, leaving you with eyelashes to swing around as much as you like.

How long does an eyelash lift last?

An eyelash lift is not a permanent process. The results diminish with time, and you may find yourself reaching for the mascara again after a few weeks. This method typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks, but this might vary depending on your eyelashes and the type of eyelash lift you choose. You may be able to extend the duration of your treatment to 6 weeks if you take excellent care of it. However, not all lash lifts are created equal. How long your eyelash lift lasts is entirely dependent on how well you prepare and follow up, as well as your natural eyelash growth cycle.

Do you want to know how long your eyelash lift will last? There are a few factors that influence the life of your freshly lifted eyelashes.

  • Fast aftercare
  • long-term eyelash maintenance
  • how fast your eyelashes grow naturally
  • the kind of eyelash lift you receive

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Fast aftercare

What you do just after having your lashes lifted might have a significant influence on how long the procedure lasts. The procedure might take up to 48 hours to set, so it’s important to follow the aesthetician’s care recommendations. It’s crucial to wait 48 hours before washing around the eyes or wearing makeup to enable the lift to set. Also, ask for a cleansing brush to keep the areas free of allergens and dust.

long-term eyelash maintenance

There are several things you can do to make sure your eyelash lift lasts as long as possible after the initial 48 hours have passed. The artist should give you specific guidelines on how to care for your eyelash lift in the coming weeks, but here are a few general rules:

  •  Avoid using waterproof mascara. In minimal amounts, ordinary mascara is fine, according to Parcells.
  •  Avoid using oils and various skincare products in the vicinity of your eyes.
  • Avoid using eye masks and lash curlers.
  •  Keep track of how frequently you touch your eyes and attempt to avoid doing so if at all feasible.
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How fast your eyelashes grow naturally

Because your eyelashes are naturally growing. This method has varying levels of durability.

The kind of eyelash lift you receive

There are three basic types of lash lifts: lash perms, classic lash lifts, and keratin lash lifts. Lash lifts need little maintenance and can last for up to two months. A tint can be applied to any of these procedures to darken and define eyelashes.

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How to Get Ready for a Lash Lift

Eyelash lifts are fast and painless processes, so you won’t have to do any preparation ahead of time.

Some advice and guidance:

  •  Locate a reputable clinic as well as an aesthetician.
  •  Before beginning the process, run a patch test.
  •  On treatment days, avoid wearing makeup.
  • If you choose, remove your contact lenses before the treatment for comfort.
  •  At least 24 hours before your appointment, do not curl your lashes.
  •  Do not wear waterproof mascara for 48 hours before your appointment.

During the process

The aesthetician will use a stick to separate your lower lashes from your top lashes. They’ll apply serum or lotion to the lashes, painting them upwards through the root on a silicone rod to give them a lifted, longer appearance. They could also use a texturizing spray and a tint. The aesthetician will also clean and brush your lashes. The entire treatment should take about 45 minutes. You only need to close your eyes.

Eyelash lift aftercare

  • Keep them dry

 Because lash lift includes the use of specific solutions on a delicate area, you should keep your eyelashes dry for at least 24 to 48 hours following the procedure. Avoiding humidity will help to assure that the curl sets properly.

  •  No pillow cuddling

 Do not allow anything to come into contact with your eyelashes for at least 48 hours. Avoid anything that might cause you to cry unintentionally or endanger your lashes in any way. Additionally, try sleeping on your back for a few days to keep your eyelashes from becoming curled.

  •  Applying mascara

 If you do not need to use mascara after lifting your lashes to appear great, you may wish to use mascara to add a finishing touch to your makeup. If you intend to do so, use only oil-free mascara for 48 hours after the process.

  • Keep allergies in mind

If you use eye makeup after a lift lash treatment, use an oil-free eye makeup remover. This will prevent allergies and harm to your eyelids. Avoid using paraben-containing eye makeup removers.

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Because the lash lift is a relatively new procedure, nothing is known statistically regarding the negative effects. However, anecdotes on the internet show that there is a possibility of negative effects from this operation. While working with a trustworthy practitioner might reduce your chance of side effects, you may still be prone to reactions, especially if you have skin or eye sensitivities. If you want to avoid any potential side effects, keep an eyelash curler and mascara on hand for frequent use to obtain the long, thick lashes you seek.

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