The use of semi-permanent or permanent makeup is similar to tattooing. However, pigments are utilized instead of ink. Because the pigment is simply put into the surface layer of the skin, the procedure is not the same as getting a tattoo.

Semi-permanent make-up is done by hand with sterile needles, fairly similar to a tattoo but much less painful. Cosmetic eyebrow procedures also included the following:

«Microblading», step by step

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  • Before beginning the method, the expert will take a number of measurements of the brows in order to determine the most attractive design. Evaluate the shape of the face as well as its features, and also the natural shape of each brow.
  • Once the relevant reference measurements are obtained, a pencil simulation is performed so that the customer may see what the final outcome will look like.
  • The most suitable pigment color is determined, taking into consideration the natural hair color, complexion color, and eye color. The effect is normally deeper than intended after immediate application, but the fact is that the tone will be stabilized and adjusted with the passage of days and healing.
  • A topical anesthetic is applied as a cream and it is allowed to act for half an hour. Those who have experienced it say that the incisions are only noticed as small discomforts.
  • The most appropriate pigment color is chosen, taking into account the natural hair, the color of the skin and the eyes. The normal thing is that after the immediate application, the result is in darker tones than desired, but the truth is that, with the passing of days and healing, the tone will be settled and corrected.
  • A topical anesthetic is applied as a cream and left to act for half an hour. Those who have experienced it say that the incisions are only noticed as small discomforts.
  • After some time, after healing, it is usually recommended to have a retouch to complete the areas that have been left without pigment.
  • The professional is designing the eyebrow and filling holes, hair by hair, making superficial cuts in the epidermis of the skin in which the pigment is deposited. For this, a “tebori” type pen with small beveled tips is used. The pigmentation of the eyebrows with this system is usually done in two phases.
  • Once the process is finished, the professional will indicate what care is required for the correct healing of the eyebrows. The first 48 hours are vital to guarantee the good results of the “Microblading.”


PhiBrows is a microblading procedure, so it is also a manual and permanent tattoo procedure, but uses thinner needles and places pigment at a shallower depth of skin. This method is more detailed and gives a more natural look. We perform PhiBrows using sterile and disposable tools of the highest standards


Because the results can typically last for a very long time, this technique is also called “permanent makeup.” While microblading is performed with a manual pen, micropigmentation is done using a digital tattoo machine and with a single fine needle only. Slight discomfort, low pain, and no bleeding are the advantages of this method.

What are the benefits of a semi-permanent technique?

  • Giving the brows a natural and fuller look
  • It is a good way to change the brow shape.
  • save makeup time.
  • saving money on makeup products

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