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You no longer need eyelash curler. lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment for curling your eyelashes. lash lift is perfectly suitable and does not cause any damage to your eyelashes. lash lift Markham opens your eyes. You can use mascara even if your hair is darker, but we recommend that after doing this process, you believe that you do not need to use mascara and cosmetics.

Instead of traditional tools, you can use a lash lift Markham, which in addition to making your eyelashes look longer, thickens your eyelashes to make them look more voluminous. It is very important that your eyelashes are clean before starting this process. Which must be observed. Therefore, do not use mascara on the day of treatment.

lash lift in canada makeup

lash lift in canada permanent makeup

No matter how much you use different mascaras, sometimes your eyelashes need strengthening but this is not possible with other beauty treatments. For example, in eyelash extension processes, only the appearance of your eyelashes becomes beautiful and as you know, keep You may also have difficulty. Apart from this, different extensions may damage your eyelashes if not done by a specialist.

lash lift Markham is a strengthening process with less maintenance and easier. This process is completely based on your natural eyelashes and no new material is added to it. This beauty treatment lifts and curls for a relatively long time. Now if you see the samples of Canada permanent makeup you can easily see the results after this treatment.

client review

client review

In addition to not causing any damage to your eyelashes, lash lift Markham also strengthens your eyelashes. The material used in this process is very strong and first class, so do not worry about damage. If you read the comments of clients who use this process you can well see that the positive aspects of this process are so many that it is easy for you to make a decision.

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lash lift

the best affordable lash lift markham


$ 79
  • Duration 45 minutes

eyeliner &

Lash line
$ 479
  • including a touchup
  • Duration 2 hours


$ 69
  • Duration 1 hours

The prices of our services in Canada permanent makeup are quite reasonable and economical considering the materials we use. You will find out which one is better in terms of the cost they have in comparison with other clinics. In this beauty treatment You should note that in this beauty treatment, the material plays the first role, so be sure to be aware of the quality of the specialist materials.

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Undoubtedly, every woman at any age is looking for beauty and tries to be more beautiful and seeks appropriate solutions. For this reason, you can use our free consultations in this field so that our professional experts can support you in the beauty and health process.
lash lift

how long a lash lift session last?

At the Canadian permanent makeup clinic, we take about 45 minutes to complete this procedure. In this time, all the steps of the procedure are performed and it is enough for you to lie on a special bed and close your eyes and wait for the amazing results of lash lift without pain. You will not feel any discomfort or pain at all, and this is one of the positive points that has made lash lift Markham popular among many women.

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what's happens during a lash lift markham

Before starting lash lift treatment at the Canada permanent makeup Clinic, your eye area and your taste buds should be cleaned and free of any makeup and oil. Next, your specialist will use a special silicone mold or protector and apply it with a special adhesive on Your eyelids stick. In the whole lash lift Markham process, this is the only thing that touches your skin.

Using special silicone molds that are placed on the eyelids, your eyelashes are glued to those molds with a special glue and pulled upwards to create a curved state and lead to curling of the eyelashes. The real result of this process is when You can see that these silicone molds can be removed. Keep in mind that lash lift Markham and laminating services are for the upper lashes and are done only for the upper part of the eye. When we attach the eyelashes to the upper mold, they are separated by a special eyelash examination so that they do not stick to each other, and thus the eyelashes are curled over time.

In the next step, the turn reaches the perm solution. This solution is a solution that is a special chemical which is placed on the root of the eyelashes and in the middle of the eyelashes. Depending on the type of eyelashes of each client, this solution stays on the eyelashes for 10 to 15 minutes. Even in cases where this time is less than 5 minutes, but as we said, it depends on the thickness of each person’s eyelashes. You may be wondering what is the property of this perm solution? We must tell you that this solution softens your hair so that it becomes more pliable and we can easily shape it.

After a certain period of time, we will clean this solution. In the next step We use a firming solution and by doing this, the hair is tightened again and placed in the desired place. To get the desired curl, there are molds with different sizes of pain. The important point in this part of the process is this:

The specialist should apply the solution only on the base and middle of the lashes so as not to damage or break the tip of the lashes. After removing the solution, an oil or conditioning solution is usually applied to the eyelashes, and usually a series of special colors are applied to the eyelashes for more beauty.

When the lash lift Markham treatment is over, you shouldn’t get wet in the first 24 hours. This means that you should avoid steam and hot showers and any moisture. This will make your lash lift Markham last longer. Also, try not to sleep on your eyelashes while sleeping to cause breakage.

How long does lash lift Markham last?

The result of lash lift Markham usually lasts between four and six weeks. According to the growth rate of your eyelashes, this period is variable. You should avoid using mascara for 48 hours after the treatment and do not wet the eyelashes for a whole day. No makeup or water should come in contact with your eyelashes for 24 hours, so you can be sure that the lift works properly. After one day, you can enjoy the full result of the treatment.

Important reasons to perform lash lift Markham

  1. You can have colored eyelashes and beautiful curls with the help of this treatment. The formula of this treatment penetrates the eyelashes and makes them resistant. If you want to exclude yourself from this service, it is a big mistake.
  2. If you like extension services and never take a break between sessions, it is better to know that extensions can weaken your eyelashes, so sometimes it is necessary to leave a little time between two extensions touch up sessions so that natural eyelashes can rest. With the help of lash lift Markham, you can strengthen your natural eyelashes because this treatment includes the introduction of proteins, keratin and vitamins into your eyelashes.
  3. When the density of your eyelashes is reduced, you can increase your eyelash growth with the help of lash lift Markham without any trouble. lash lift Markham helps you regenerate your eyelashes faster.
  4. If you are among the people who are fans of mascara, you should know that lash lift Markham by curling the eyelashes can be a much better alternative to mascara and gives them a more natural color. This technique is suitable for everyone, especially for women who have bright eyelashes and look tired without makeup.

Important reasons to perform lash lift Markham

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lash lift Markham is one of the beauty processes that does not cause any damage to your eyelashes. In addition, it strengthens your eyelashes and gives more beauty to your eyelashes. Also, it is quite desirable and you can use it instead of using harmful mascaras and have beauty along with not damaging your eyelashes So it is better not to miss this opportunity and take the first step for more beauty and contact us. You can easily, consult with our partners in Canada permanent makeup so that we can help you in this direction.

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