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Microblading Orangeville is a great option for people who have thin eyebrows and want to fill their eyebrows in a semi-permanent way. In this article, we want to ask you everything you need to know about this process. The facts, costs, and risks of this process will be addressed.

Microblading has indeed been utilized by many superstars all over the world for many years. Microblading is a lovely tattooing technique that fills up thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. In contrast to traditional and old-school tattooing, which are permanent, the microblading Orangeville effect can last up to 3 years.

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The reason for this is that the microblading process in Canada permanent make up uses newer tools and less pigments. This process involves using a hand-held micro-blade tool with a special needle. Microblading Orangeville is a method that penetrates under the skin. If non-specialists and untrained people perform this process in unsanitary conditions, they may cause an infection in that area. The outcome of the microblading process depends very much on the person doing the process.

client review

client review

As you know, eyebrows have an important role in the beauty of every woman’s face, so beauty services should be done in the right way. Usually, people with narrow eyebrows are looking for a suitable way to change their eyebrows in the way they like. In Canada permanent makeup we assure all our clients that we provide them with the best options for more beautiful eyebrows. You can find out our clients’ opinions about microblading Orangeville process at the bottom.

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Undoubtedly, every woman at any age is looking for beauty and tries to be more beautiful and seeks appropriate solutions. For this reason, you can use our free consultations in this field so that our professional experts can support you in the beauty and health process.
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There are many eyebrow products and services in the world that the goal of all these processes is to create beautiful, fresh and thick eyebrows. But in Canada permanent makeup there is also a treatment that creates a huge storm in the beauty of your eyebrows. Yes, you guessed right. Microblading is the process of tattooing fine eyebrow hair with a needle. As mentioned, microblading Orangeville is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is created to create fuller eyebrows for people.

In Canada permanent makeup, this method is provided in the best way for all people who need this process. First, we talk to our clients. What is the best form of eyebrows for their face and the color used for them is a color that is in harmony with the natural color of their hair and skin, You can see the pictures of our portfolio at the bottom to understand this color harmony and the result of this process


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The goal of the microblading Orangeville process is to create full eyebrows with a beautiful appearance. The results of this process last between 1 to 2 years and sometimes more. The quality of the result is completely related to the quality of the method and materials used. Skilled in this process is very important.

This process is done in different places and different qualities with completely different prices, but in Canada permanent makeup, we will give you the assurance that our best skilled specialists use the best materials, and if you compare with other options, you will understand. The cost of this process in our clinic is more reasonable than the other places prices. Avoid the inexperienced persons for this process.

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To perform beauty services, you need a research before the microblading Orangeville process. This research includes many items, such as the type of methods and materials used and the costs of the process and the specialist. All of these items can be selected by choosing a professional clinic. Get and have an amazing result at the end with choosing Canada permanent makeup.

The Canada permanent make up is managed by Noushin Javaherian, who is one of the best and most professional specialists in the field of microblading Orangeville. Get the eyebrows you have always been looking for in Canada permanent makeup where the microblading Orangeville process is performed by professional specialists and in completely hygienic conditions.

Noushin Javaherian After migrating to Canada about 3 years ago, she decided to learn permanent makeup and learned about PHI ACADEMY and Phibrows. Because she is a fan of natural beauty, it was the most important reason for choosing Phibrows after extensive research. Then she took official Phi Academy courses in Canada, got a world certificate and became a Phi Artist, Since then she have been working in Canada and  enjoy helping her clients have semi-permanent natural eyebrows.

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what is microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up method that is done using a hand tool with very fine needles. Beauty specialists use this tool to tattoo very fine strands of hair for your eyebrows. and insert the pigment into your skin. Each hair drawn by a specialist creates a completely natural and beautiful appearance so that it looks like a person’s own eyebrows, with the difference that the result is fuller eyebrows than before.

Our microblading process ensures that the final result is complete your face and personality. It is harmonious and the appearance of your eyebrows will be much more beautiful. By performing the microblading Orangeville process with our experts, you will have an indistinguishable result with natural eyebrows and enjoy it.


who benefits from microblading

The microblading process is a very ideal method for those clients who have thin or uneven eyebrows and are looking for a very natural result So we conclude that not everyone is a good candidate for the microblading process and there are various issues such as skin condition and health which can be effective in this process.

The microblading Orangeville process is very suitable for clients with normal skin and small pores. The reason for this is that the presence of oil in the skin can cause the pigments to expand and fade under the skin. Therefore, the less oily the client’s skin, the better the results. In Canada permanent make up, we have very precise and complete instructions that will help you make better and more accurate decisions in this process.


how long does microblading last?

Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup that through a manual process, the pigments penetrate into the upper layers of the skin and create the desired shape of the eyebrows. This effect lasts for 1 to 3 years and then the pigments disappear and your natural eyebrows will return to exactly the same original shape.

If we ignore the natural growth of your hair and the current shape of your eyebrows, microblading Orangeville can still create beautiful and excellent eyebrows for you. In Canada permanent make up, we can give your eyebrows a beautiful shape without using painful methods and make it thicker so that you no longer need to use eyebrow pencil. Shape your eyebrows to give yourself a young and beautiful look.


the microblading process at our orangeville salon

Microblading Orangeville can take up to 2 hours. In the first step, an initial form is drawn on your eyebrows by a specialist and then measured. In the next step, they apply some anesthetic cream on the desired area. In the next step, the specialist starts drawing It creates very fine strands of hair for your eyebrows and creates a natural and beautiful look.

As mentioned before, the anesthetic cream is used in the previous stages, but you may still feel very little pain, which is tolerable. After the microblading Orangeville process, your eyebrows should not be wet for 10 days. Avoid showering and washing hair and exercise. We advise our clients to buy a microblading face protector. This thing is great for those who want to wash their hair in these 10 days.

Is microblading safe?

Microblading Orangeville is a completely safe procedure if it is performed by a professional. Like all other beauty services, this process can be dangerous if not done properly. It is also recommended that clients follow the instructions before and after process to achieve complete satisfaction. In this process, there are people who can’t do this process and it can be dangerous for those people. Here is a list of people who can not doing this process pay attention to this list and make sure that you are not in this list:

  • Those who have certain skin diseases
  • People with communicable diseases such as HIV or hepatitis
  • Those with very oily skin
  • Those who are allergic to anesthetics
  • Those who are undergoing chemotherapy
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who are under the legal age

Is microblading painful?

The amount of pain caused by microblading is completely dependent on the tolerance threshold of each customer. For some people it is high and for some people it is nothing. Before performing microblading Orangeville, we use local anesthesia for your eyebrows. According to polls, the pain that is felt during microblading is like tweezers and does not cause much discomfort. Clients who are menstruating may experience more pain during the process. We recommend that you do this process after your period is over. Also, those who smoke frequently may have not feel the anesthetic effect.

Is microblading safe for my skin type?

Each clinic uses different pigments for microblading services, so before choosing a clinic, clients should inquire about the pigments used to avoid any allergies or dangers. As mentioned, those who have very oily skin They are not suitable for this process because they do not get the desired result from this process and only paid for it. At the clinic, we advise our clients on all the things that affect the result of microblading Orangeville so that they can properly One of these factors is the effect of each person’s skin type, which makes the result of microblading different.

What's happened after microblading process?

mediately after the microblading Orangeville process, the area of your eyebrows turns red, which is a completely natural reaction and occurs for everyone. Also, over time during the recovery period, because the blood reaches the surface of the eyebrows, the pigments look darker. As a result, the appearance of your eyebrows is more colorful than before, which is not a permanent issue. The healing process after the microblading Orangeville process usually takes 7 to 14 days.

In this first process, your eyebrows become scaly, but keep in mind that at this stage you should not touch your eyebrows at all until this stage is over. After two weeks, the color of your eyebrows will change and it will be lighter than before. This stage is common and normal in all microblading. As mentioned, your eyebrows will be up to 40% brighter during the recovery period. The true color of your eyebrows is determined about a month ago.

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There are different ways to have beautiful eyebrows, each of which has its own risks. Some methods are permanent and this does not give people the courage to choose that process. But by choosing the microblading Orangeville method, you can be assured that it will not last more than three years, so if you are not satisfied with this process, you will regain your natural eyebrows.

In Canada permanent makeup, we assure you that you are not alone in deciding on this process, and in each step you can get advice from our experts and use their guidance to get better results. Contact us so that we can offer you the best quality services of our collection and bring you closer to your beauty goals.

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