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Lip tattoo Orangeville is a kind of beauty process which is gaining popularity right now and you are probably one of the people who want to know more about this process. To sum up, this process is a semi-permanent process that gives you good shapes lips with color. It’s an effortless gift for you. Advances in technology and different techniques are the reasons for the popularity of lip tattoo Orangeville in the world.

Lips are a small area of our face, but with their color and shape, they create symmetry and beauty in our face. If You have chosen the process but you are not sure about your choice here are all the things you need to know.

Lip tattoo is a semi-permanent method that uses a special device and water-based inks to color and shape your lips in a wonderful way. The result of this process is something like lip fillers in that the lips You simply look a little fuller and more beautiful by highlighting and enhancing the pigment, but not in a way that makes you feel bad and changes the shape of your lips in general.

Creates that can increase the symmetry of your lips and give you the illusion of bigger and fuller lips with a beautiful color. If you see the pictures of our portfolio at the bottom, you can well recognize before and after this lip tattoo Orangeville and enjoy seeing beautiful results.

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If you have reached this part of the article, you have certainly decided to start this process, but you are a little hesitant in this decision. In this section, we have given you the opinions of our clients about lip tattoo Orangeville so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

To perform beauty services, you need a research before the microblading Orangeville process. This research includes many items, such as the type of methods and materials used and the costs of the process and the specialist. All of these items can be selected by choosing a professional clinic. Get and have an amazing result at the end with choosing Canada permanent makeup.

The Canada permanent make up is managed by Noushin Javaherian, who is one of the best and most professional specialists in the field of microblading Orangeville. Get the eyebrows you have always been looking for in Canada permanent makeup where the microblading Orangeville process is performed by professional specialists and in completely hygienic conditions.

Noushin Javaherian After migrating to Canada about 3 years ago, she decided to learn permanent makeup and learned about PHI ACADEMY and Phibrows. Because she is a fan of natural beauty, it was the most important reason for choosing Phibrows after extensive research. Then she took official Phi Academy courses in Canada, got a world certificate and became a Phi Artist, Since then she have been working in Canada and enjoy helping her clients have semi-permanent natural eyebrows.

Lip tattoo Orangeville | Canada Makeup | Lip tattoo Orangeville | pic | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

There are several names for the lip tattoo Orangeville process, but it is easy to say that they all refer to the same process. All the names you see in different articles include impregnating the skin with specialized pigments. Very fine needles with a special device that has a lower speed and frequency than traditional plains gently apply the color in the entire lip area using a set of different and specialized techniques and depending on the appearance you want.

Lip tattoo is a kind of cover for your lips and in addition it makes your lips look softer and more natural and beautiful. This process strengthens the shape of the lips and gives a natural look to the lips while avoiding any harsh tools and methods. As mentioned, lip tattoo, in addition to giving your lips a beautiful color, can make your lips look bigger with special techniques. If you don’t like your lips shape, we can tell you for sure that your problem will be solved with lip tattoo Orangeville.


Permanent makeup tattoos gradually fade over time. It usually takes 2 to 5 years to refresh the color and shape. Fading due to factors such as pigmentation and exposure to sunlight and skin type and health. General and immediate and golden care depends on how long it takes. People who smoke frequently or those who have anemia and iron deficiency may have their lip tattoos disappear sooner.

We have to say that, the results are different for each client. The lip tattoo will gradually lighten and fade over time until your lips slowly return to their natural color So your lips will look brighter after the first two years than the first six months. Many clients set up re-sessions each year to lengthen their lip tattoos Orangeville.

The cost of beauty services like lip tattoo Orangeville depends entirely on where you live and your specialist. Larger cities usually cost more than smaller areas. Most importantly, the skill of your specialist determines the cost of this cosmetic procedure. In fact, a professional specialist in addition to being introduced to new methods and techniques, it also uses first-class materials.

Please do not go for the cheapest option to save money. This tattoo is supposed to stay on your lips for a long time. If a little expensive It does not seem to bother you.

Care before this procedure can help you get better results. If you are prone to herpes, you should use oral antiviral drugs for 2 days before treatment and 3 days after to avoid any outbreak. If you have an ideal color for your lips, bring a few photos or your favorite lipstick. Be sure to drink plenty of water so that your lips are fully hydrated and moisturized at least a week before the lip tattoo Orangeville.

Use a drop of coconut oil and sugar for your lips a week before the lip tattoo process. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, blood thinners and medications 48 hours before the lip tattoo process to prevent excessive bleeding. Avoid sun exposure and tanning for 30 days before and after the lip tattoo process.

After the procedure, you should be prepared for any further instructions and care that your specialist recommends, including how to keep the lip tattoo Orangeville clean and protect it for faster healing. Your skin will undergo many changes during the healing process, including dryness and itching and scaling. To reduce its effects and achieve the best results, it is necessary not to touch your lips and do not scratch them.

Avoid acidic foods and spicy foods and citrus fruits as part of the healing process and exposure to excessive sun and swimming or dandruff and skin care products and makeup and exfoliation. As a result of all these other pigments and the healing is not disturbed. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and discomfort.

If you read the whole article, you will surely realize that the lip tattoo Orangeville process is an easy process with easy care. Choose your beauty and contact us today and do not miss the opportunity. Our consultants in Canada permanent makeup can give you the best tips in this process.

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