Microblading Removal: When and How to Do It?

Microblading removal

Once you have microblade your eyebrows, you will surely be excited about having new and amazing eyebrows, because you no longer need to beautify them every day and eliminate their imperfections. With microblading, you can have beautiful eyebrows for months or even longer and repair them every once in a while. But there may be a situation where you are no longer satisfied with your microblade eyebrows and want to remove them. Even if you have done this process with a professional artist, you may still not like the results. There are several ways for microblading removal, and here we will discuss the best ways to remove microblading.

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Microblading removal options

microblading in Toronto

There are three relatively effective methods for microblading removal, in which microblading pigments are removed directly. These three methods are as follows:

  1. Laser removal
  2. saline removal
  3. glycolic removal

Your microblading will begin to fade after its initial shelf life is over and you have not repaired it. If you are not satisfied with the process of fading your eyebrows and did not get the results you expected, you may decide to try searching for microblading removal solutions. In addition to your decision, keep in mind that these treatments are usually a little painful and have a healing process of about 6 weeks.

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Microblading removal and microblading fading

Most microblading fading techniques are based on shedding and regenerating the skin so that new, pigment-free cells appear. However, in microblading removal methods, the pigment is targeted. In this method, the pigment decomposes and allows the body to absorb the pigment or remove it from the skin. Many microblading removal procedures can cause more severe damage to the skin, resulting in longer recovery periods but the advantage of these methods is that they are more effective and also have more immediate results.

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What is laser removal?

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Microblading pigments are usually removed in the same way as laser tattoos. The laser penetrates the skin and dissolves the pigment so that the body can absorb it. Of course, microblading pigments are more easily decomposed than the inks used in the tattoo method, but still, but for complete microblading removal effect with laser you need more than one session.

It usually takes 4 to 6 sessions to completely remove microblading so that the pigments are completely removed by laser. Depending on the type of pigment, a recovery period is required after each laser session, and you can continue the treatment after the recovery period. Keep in mind that the laser method is not very effective in removing pigments that are close to red and yellow.

Who is a candidate for laser microblading removal?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result of your microblading, you can remove the microblading with a laser. Laser is an effective option to get you to your goal. But if your eyebrows have light shadows or faded shadows, microblading removal with this method may not be very effective.

This method is not very effective for you if your pigments are close to yellow and red. Also, if your microblade is dark and relatively fresh, we recommend that you remove it as soon as possible. If your facial skin is dark, know that this way is a bit dangerous for people with dark skin. Also, those who have dark skin in this method should dedicate more sessions to remove their microblading.

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What is saline removal?

Microblading laser Removal

It is generally thought that using a special saline solution to remove microblading can be a more effective solution than laser for microblading removal. This process is performed only by trained beauty professionals and has different price levels. Some microblading artists call this process reverse microblading because of the way it works.

This solution penetrates the eyebrow incisions by opening the skin and dissolves unwanted pigments. The solution dries the pigments and removes them through the skin. This method is one of the effective methods for microblading removal and destroys the pigments.

microblading glycolic removal

What is glycolic removal?

Another method for microblading removal, which we mention as the last method in this article, is the glycolic acid method. This method is very similar to the saline method but has one main difference. It is also the chemical solution used in this method.

In this method of microblading removal, a combination of glycolic and lactic acid with other chemical compounds is used. This formula absorbs the pigments and removes them through the skin. Regarding the cost, you should keep in mind that the cost of this method is usually higher than the cost of the saline method.

Microblading removal at home

Microblading removal at home​

If for any reason you are looking for ways to microblading removal, know that this should be done by a specialist in a clinic or salon. However, if you do not want to go to a salon or clinic, there is a solution that partially removes microblading. Some skin care ingredients, such as exfoliators, accelerate the disappearance of microblading.

Some people also say that you can use rose seed oil to remove pigments. Massage this oil on your skin three times a day for two weeks. Note that all of these methods can remove microblading but do not remove it completely.

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Microblading removal during pregnancy

In general, we recommend that you do not do this during pregnancy if you want to remove microblading. Since the microblading process is not safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is better not to remove the microblading during this period.

All three of the above methods for microblading removal may have a risk of infection and lead to other treatments. For this reason, you should do these treatments after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Main Takeaways

Microblading removal is very popular and many microblading artists use it, so if you want to get rid of your old microblading, there are good ways for you. Of course, it is better to try fading before any removal method. When you fade the microblading result you can choose a method for complete removal.

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