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In this article, bad microblading alongside with its main causes and side effects are going to be named and discussed in detail. In line with the most recent survey, Microblading has been proved as a cosmetic procedure resulting in both desired and disastrous outcomes. Putting the satisfactory results aside, we have aimed to take the unfavorable outcomes or in other words bad microblading into consideration so that those who have this beauty treatment in mind to undergo will have a more well-informed insight into it.

One’s experience with microblading could lead into trouble if, for instance, a non-expert artist is chosen, or even when a clinic with non-standard equipment is referred to, etc. However, such nuisances can be prevented by just gaining enough information regarding what bad microblading is and the necessary steps which must be taken in order to have a more satisfactory result. It is highly recommended that you follow the rest of the article.


Bad microblading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Bad microblading | 6 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

In this day and age, female members of the modern society find themselves in full-time, energy-consuming careers which necessitate looking for more permanent makeup so that they can maintain their beauty and profession charming and praiseworthy likewise. Thus, Microblading has become a well-liked method among ladies to retain a more permanent and natural-looking makeup on eyebrows. Nevertheless, as we are all aware of this fact, there has never been a hundred-percent guarantee of a desired outcome at the end of beauty or cosmetic treatments.

Microblading is no exception, either. Despite all the upsides, there are a number of demerits that candidates must consider prior to going for it in order to avoid bad microblading. This article will unveil several factors leading to bad microblading and finally suggest some ways to get in the way of it and give you a more satisfactory result.

non-standard equipment

Bad microblading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Bad microblading | 4 1 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

One main reason some people find their microblading procedure unsatisfactory is because of the non-standard equipment applied in the treatment. Some clinics may use low-quality blades (needles) or synthetic pigments which make the treatment temporary and short-term. Consequently, the pigmentation starts to fade away after a while. Thus, the candidate must arrange for frequent touch-up sessions, which will be absolutely bothersome, costly and time-consuming. Therefore, you must make sure of the clinic you are choosing and go over the reviews left by the public.

microblading artist

Another important factor which merits to be taken into account regarding bad microblading is to search for a skillful and expert microblading artist who is fully in control of their hands and aware of the appropriate pressure needed to be applied on the skin so that the pigments are deposited at the right depth with the least irritation possible. In some cases, the wrong or inappropriate pressure upon the skin leads into excessive bleeding and pain. However, an expert steers clear of such mistakes.


If the candidate is pregnant or is breastfeeding, microblading will not be recommended as it may have side effects. Therefore, in case one is planning to undergo this procedure, they are suggested either doing it prior to pregnancy or put it off until after they are done with breastfeeding their baby. Otherwise, they may suffer the consequences.

specific medication

In some cases, those candidates who experience bad microblading are the ones on specific medication, i.e. they take a kind of medicine which causes blood to thin such as aspirins. Or even those who are frequent alcohol drinkers must seriously stay clear of this procedure. Generally speaking, as long as you take any kinds of drugs regularly, you must have your GP come up with the necessary advice on whether you can undergo suchlike cosmetic procedures or not.


Cancer patients and those who suffer from epilepsy are non-candidates in this regard as there will be serious setbacks awaiting them.

injured eyebrows

Bad microblading | Microblading | Canada Makeup | Bad microblading | 3 1 | Canada Makeup | NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

Sun-burned skins or injured eyebrows cannot undergo microblading

scar left on skin

Last but not least, it is absolutely worth mentioning that microblading either good or bad, has one important and irreversible outcome and it is the permanent scar left on skin which may act as a deterrent against doing it.

Here is an idea to avoid bad microblading

There is an alternative to microblading, which does not involve cutting, slicing and scarring, giving you those beautiful eyebrows you have always dreamed about. Although it bears a striking resemblance to microblading, the procedure and results are considerably superior – lasting longer (one to three years) and maintaining the integrity of the skin as well.

“The process is called cosmetic tattooing performed with a digital machine that uses Nano-needle technology to gently implant micro-dots of pigment into the delicate eyebrow skin. The needle penetrates and exits the skin very rapidly while implanting tiny micro-dots of pigment, resulting in natural looking, balanced eyebrows custom made for your face. In the hands of an experienced technician, the risk of infection and scarring is minimal, the strokes are uniformly distributed mimicking the most natural hair like strokes, the color is perfectly matched to your skin and hair, and the results last 12x as long!

If you want to have beautiful, natural looking, healthy eyebrows like beauty professionals and movie stars, reject the invasive, damaging microblading technique in favor of this advance machine performed micro-pigmentation which will give you superior results and gorgeous eyebrows you can be proud of.”

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The final word

It is an undeniable fact that nowadays semi-permanent makeup treatments have gained their popularity among the female population thanks to saving time and also providing a satisfying kind of look anywhere anytime. However, as a double-edged sword we had better not forget the fact that at what cost we are putting our natural beauty at stake.

Let’s first gain a mature and wise insight into such practices and then take the risk of replacing our natural beauty with modern mechanical procedures. Bad microblading is one of them with irreparable repercussions. Should you need more counseling on this topic, do not hesitate to contact us and share your experiences or ask for some advice or recommendations.
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