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I'm a Phiartist

Because I am a fan of natural beauty, it was the most important reason for choosing Phibrows after extensive research. So I traveled to Iran for a good and long-term education. That training lasted about 6 months. Then I took official Phi Academy courses in Canada, got a world certificate and became a Phi Artist, Since then I have been working in Canada and I enjoy helping my clients have semi-permanent natural eyebrows.

Elementor #1077 – Canada Makeup – Layer 3 – Canada Makeup – NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN





Elementor #1077 – Canada Makeup – placeholder – Canada Makeup – NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

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«Microblading», step by step – Microblading – Canada Makeup – video4 min – Canada Makeup – NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

«Microblading», step by step


Shaping the eyebrows


LASHLIFT aftercare

Who benefits from Microblading? – Tips and Tricks – Canada Makeup – Microblading – 173412836 168064355190572 5405841767422152208 n – Canada Makeup – NOOSHIN JAVAHERIAN

Who benefits from Microblading?

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