Basic Division of Microblading Pigments

Basic Division of Microblading Pigments

Pigments can be divided into two major groups according to their origin:

  • iron oxides and
  • synthetic pigments.

Iron oxides are obtained from stone dust, rust and other natural metal oxides. Synthetic pigments are produced from plants, animals and other materials found in nature, or from other synthetic materials.

Each group has its advantages and disadvantages, mostly related to stability of color. In microblading, we are dealing with three basic colors: black, red and yellow. These pigment colors behave differently over time based on their origin, i.e. their stability varies. Among iron oxides, red is by far the most stable, which is why eyebrows done with iron oxides tend to look purely red after a while. Among synthetic pigments, black is the most stable, while yellow and red fade more quickly, so the client ends up with grayish brows.

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